is owned and operated by Creative Ventures, Inc., the owners of The store is located at 2348 N. Damen Ave., in Chicago, IL 60647. Their retail store is a showroom, sales office and print shop specializing in quick turnaround times for clients. By utilizing the latest technology of direct to garment printing machines, they're able to provide on demand printing without stocking inventory for the designs they sell online.. In 2013, OneHourTees owner founded which is now the largest independent pro wrestling t-shirt website in the world. in 2015 they launched which is now known as This e-commerce website gave athletes, podcasts, comedians and their own One Hour Tees customers a marketplace to create their own clothing lines to sell merchandise all over the world.

About Us


We run a custom t-shirt shop in Chicago. We print for over 800 schools nationwide, 1000's of businesses and do tons of one-off gifts at our retail store. Since launching, we now employ 30 full-time staff members. Majority of them are life-long wrestling fans which gives us consumer knowledge to helps us provide you with the best wrestling t-shirts on the planet.


Located in Chicago, we here at work directly with you to help create merchandise that you can sell all over the world. Utilizing the latest technology in printing, we can offer thousands of designs without stocking any inventory. All stores products and photos are owned by the stores you see on our website. Profits go directly to these Celebrities, Athletes, Podcasters, Comedians and more.


We are currently located on the north side of Chicago. Our address is 2348 North Damen Avenue near the Damen/Fullerton intersection of the Bucktown neighborhood. Non-metered street parking is available right near our store down Damen Avenue. Our store is directly connected to the One Hour Tees print shop, which allows to restock apparel instantly after it's been sold.

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